Do cats experience physical discomfort during their heat cycle?

cats in pain when they are in heat

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Cats may experience heat cycles multiple times a year, causing agitation and slight discomfort. Their yowls and howls are not a symptom of discomfort but rather entice a prospective mate. Each cat is unique, and they may display distinct symptoms. Cats in heat may attempt to flee the house. 

If you think your cat might be ready to mate, keep an eye out for the following signs:

a lot of vocalizations 


Clinging actions

Constantly attempting to leave the house 

keeping their tail up, particularly when receiving back scratches 

added grooming 

crawling on the ground and yowling or muttering 

The severity of these signs may startle you if you have never witnessed a cat in heat before. The constant meowing of your cat may cause you to lose sleep at night (and vice versa). 

This species typically naps or sleeps for up to 16 to 18 hours a day, so if you see your pet, don’t worry. 

if they aren’t spayed or neutered, their excessive activity and noise may indicate that they are in heat. 


Do They Get Periods? 

Cats do indeed experience their first menstruation as early as 4 months of age. While some people may not exhibit significant conduct changes, the majority do. But compared to people, cats have different menstrual cycles.

Cats do not have monthly cycles, which means they do not have monthly menstruation like people do. 

They don’t have their period on a monthly basis since they don’t have monthly heat cycles. 

There are periods in cats. 

Cats receive their periods right away when they go into heat, which is another characteristic that distinguishes feline and human cycles. 

If you’ve ever done any research on ovulation in humans, you presumably already know that it takes place a week or more following the end of the menstrual cycle. 

Every time they mate, cats ovulate instantly and are in menstrual cycle. 

The amount of blood, however, is so small that you might not even detect any spotting on the areas where your cat is sleeping, thus you won’t notice much blood when your cat is menstruating. 

Though it is uncommon, it can happen. 

In actuality, very few cats actually experience bleeding. Instead of being dark or brilliant red, their discharge is white or clear. 

Signs That Your Cat May Be Having a Painful Period 

You might believe that your cat is in pain because of all the loud howling you hear while they are in heat and consequently on their period. 

Even though it’s quite uncommon, it can occasionally happen, particularly if your cat also contracted an illness and managed to develop pyometra.

Pyometra is a severe uterine infection that occasionally poses a life-threatening risk. 

Because the cat’s cervix is open during that particular time, there is no barrier preventing infections from the outside from entering the uterus, which is why it is associated with the heat phase. 

If their period is uncomfortable, cats may yowl. 

Your female cat’s cervix often prevents any germs or microorganisms from entering the uterus while she isn’t in her heat cycle. 

cats in pain when they are in heat 2

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The same is true for animals that have been spayed; they are unable to produce pyometra since they either don’t have uteruses or don’t have any hormonal activity that would induce the uterus’ muscles to contract. 

When your cat is in heat (and/or having their period), yowling is not a sign of pain. 

However, you should usually take your pet to the vet if additional symptoms appear, such as your cat becoming more reclusive, showing no interest in food or drink, or favouring cold surfaces. 

Do bear in mind that most cats won’t exhibit symptoms of anxiety unless they experience trauma.Therefore, it is your duty as their pet owner to watch their conduct and try to determine if they are in discomfort. 

The cycle of feline heat 

When they are four or five months old, cats experience their first heat cycle.

Because another animal nearby may have gone into heat as well, certain animals may go into heat earlier than others. 

In actuality, the majority of males experience heat because of the odours and vocalizations that females produce. 

cat cycle of heat 

Each heat cycle may run for no less than one week or as long as two to three weeks. 

Cats should typically go through two to three heat cycles a year, but in reality, their ovaries aren’t working very hard. 

Because of this, some cats may experience repeated heat cycles starting in February or March and continuing until September or October. 

To make matters worse, your cat may only go into heat once a month if you give them drugs that interfere with their heat cycle. 

Helping A Cat In Heat 

Despite the fact that your cat won’t feel any discomfort as they go through their heat cycle, their behaviour can be a little upsetting. 

Period pain relief with catnip 

Here are some suggestions on how to help your cat feel more at ease right now: 

Give them catnip to keep them occupied. 

Feliway and other pheromones can be used to try to calm them down. 

Make sure they have a seat that is comfy.Pay attention to your cat by caressing and playing with them frequently.

Ask your veterinarian if there are any available drugs. 

To avoid pregnancy, males and females should stay as far apart as possible while they are in heat. 

There is very little chance that this would not result in a litter of kittens because cats ovulate right afterwards after copulation. 

Think about neutering your cat. 

Not only is spaying or neutering cats healthy for them since you can avoid many accidents and health issues, but it’s also a smart idea to reduce the number of stray cats in the area. 

Think about neutering your cat to benefit them. 

There are millions of cats without owners who mate and procreate on a regular basis. resulting in the squalor of even more stray cats.

cats in pain when they are in heat 3

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Pyometra and any other clinical signs of a heat cycle are avoided by spaying your cat. Given that they are less motivated to exercise than their intact counterparts, spayed cats do have a higher risk of becoming obesity

Many veterinarians do not advise neutering males before the age of five months. 

Early neutering can have a negative effect, especially on the health of their urinary tract, and can occasionally cause urethral obstruction later in life.