Do Cats Experience Effects from Full Moons?

Do Cats Suffer From Full Moons

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In addition to changing their behavior and appearing a little more wicked during a full moon, some cats may also choose to hide, meow more frequently, or just generally make more noise. 

The moon’s phases don’t just affect cats;

dogs and birds also adapt their behavior. 

Although some people may be doubtful, the moon actually has a lot to say about how we behave. 

It is not unreasonable to assume that all living things, including your cat, can be affected by the moon’s activity given that our tides and many other natural phenomena depend on it. 

Your cat’s behavior is influenced by many things, not just the full moon.

For instance, with a new moon, animals are generally more laid back, yet during a super moon, cats often have higher predator protection instincts. 

Cats tend to nest more frequently than usual as a result of the waning moon’s impact on them to prepare their homes. 

When the moon is waxing, most cats are tired, but when there is a blue moon, which comes only once every three years, cats become especially animated and playful. 

How do cats’ behaviors alter during a full moon?

All of us tend to act a little oddly during a full moon, but cats do so even more. Unlike dogs, who often become more anxious during full moons, cats fall under a variety of behavioral subcategories.

Some will play more tricks than normal, while others will seek to conceal themselves more. Additionally, they will snooze more, actively seek out the company of other furry buddies, and exhibit greater levels of dread.

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If you are the owner of a cat who is prone to anxiety and fear, you might notice that she becomes twitchy and fearful during the full moon, even of items in her environment that aren’t even new to her. 

Other behavioral modifications that certain cats show have an impact on their level of activity. 

Some will play more energetically than normal, rush around the house, or jump higher than usual. 

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It’s not fun if other cats start chasing you through the home, especially if you want to avoid getting your legs scratched. 

Additionally, although it doesn’t always happen, your cat could become a little bit more aggressive than usual. 

But one thing that does appear to apply to most cats is that they have a propensity to make a little more noise. When they are terrified or feeling a little bloodthirsty, they meow more and for no apparent reason. 

Are felines more likely to sustain injuries around full moons?


According to a study done by scientists at the Colorado State University Veterinary Medical Center, up to 23% more cats than usual visited the emergency room during a full moon. 

Dogs had a 28% higher rate, indicating that the full moon definitely has an impact on our pets. 

It can be challenging to predict how exactly your cat’s behavior will change during the upcoming full moon. 

an entire moon

As you may have noticed, there are quite a few behavioral changes, and they may be affected by the animal’s age, its health, whether it has been neutered or spayed, and other reasons. 

However, if your cat has ever been injured during a full moon, we strongly encourage you to keep her inside only. 

Keeping your cat inside your home will successfully keep her safe at this time because outdoor cats have a significantly higher risk of suffering injuries. 

In addition, indoor cats tend to be healthier than outdoor cats since they are less likely to contract illnesses or parasites, let alone potentially fatal problems like FIP, FIV, or FeLV. 

The sleeping patterns of cats and the full moon

No matter how much we might want to think that our cats sleep through the night like we do, cats do not have the same circadian rhythm as humans. 

Cats typically sleep more than humans do, but they also sleep for shorter periods of time. Some people can sleep for up to sixteen hours per day. 

a cat snoozing beneath a full moon

So how can a full moon affect your cat’s sleeping patterns? 

It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to think that cats are the same since many other species get disturbed while they sleep. 

The most probable scenario is that your cat will initially hide for up to a day. 

However, if her sleep is interrupted, she will feel slightly irritable or energized, which will cause her to play outside or act naughtily

Cats may be worn out by the end of the three to four days when the moon may be fuller. 

What other animal species are impacted by the full moon?

Other creatures as well as cats are affected by this moon phase. For instance, European badgers frequently mark their territory.

Badgers are more likely to mate at this period because it is also when these animals become more sexually active. 

Unfortunately, since a mating session at this time can take up to 90 minutes, this also increases their susceptibility to predators. 

Under a full moon, a monkey is suspended from a tree.

Although this species nearly exclusively hunts at night, a larger relative of the cat, the lion, tends to hunt more during the day immediately following a full moon.

Around the same period, African lions are also more inclined to attack people. 

Since scorpions glow in the moonlight, they essentially have no chance of catching any prey when the moon is full.

Because of this, they prefer to hide rather than go hunting. 

Unbelievably, corals also respond differently to the full moon.

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They tend to release enormous volumes of sperm and egg during this time, which increases their propensity to reproduce, according to Australian researchers. 

last thoughts

A full moon may have a greater effect on some cats than on others. In any case, it is our duty as their pet parents to give them the security they need always, not just when there is a full moon. 

During this phase, the majority of cats go through considerable behavioral changes. 

Some cats may meow more frequently than normal, while others may actively seek out humans or other cats for company. A sizable percentage of cats will also go into hiding for a few days. 

Cats that are younger are more likely to desire to play more. They already have more energy, therefore there is a greater likelihood that they will be more active during this time. 

We recommend keeping your cat indoors during a full moon because outside cats tend to put themselves in potentially hazardous situations more frequently during this time.