A cat that swallowed a piece of ribbon needs three to five days to pass it. 

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Although it mostly depends on the other intestinal contents and the pet’s “potty” habits, it can also occur in the first 48 hours. 

What to Do if your cat vomits after ingesting a ribbon 


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Cats nearly usually need emergency veterinarian care when they swallow objects they shouldn’t. 

This is because it’s impossible to predict if your cat will be unlucky enough to consume a foreign object and experience intestinal blockage as a result. 

There is a very good likelihood that the ribbon your cat consumed and is now vomiting up did not pass past the small intestine. 

Your cat is throwing up because the cat’s body is currently rejecting the ribbon and attempting to expel it. 

The most important thing to remember in this situation is that if you catch your cat eating a bit of ribbon or any other foreign object, such a piece of plastic, you shouldn’t try to make them puke. 

This can be harmful and dangerous. 

red ribbon and a cat 


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There have been instances where individuals have attempted to “catch” the ribbon from their cats’ mouths using pencils or other objects. 

They not only sustained some damage (no cats enjoy having their mouths handled in that way), but they also caused injuries to the oral region of their pet.

As soon as possible, take your cat to the vet

If your cat continues to heave in an effort to vomit out the ribbon it has swallowed, call a professional since they will know what to do. 

Will Cats Typically Pass A Ribbon Piece? 

normally yeah. 

cat with blue ribbon around it 

Ribbons are fake foods that cats are not supposed to eat, therefore they cannot be digested, but they can typically be eliminated through the feces in a matter of days or less. 

Although ribbons are less dangerous than other foreign things like earrings or olive pits, they can nevertheless be harmful to your health. 

First of all, the length of the ribbon also affects the results you might anticipate. Its length increases the risk of intestinal obstruction or occlusion, which can be fatal. 

Your cat is likely to pass the ribbon naturally and without any issues if they only nibbled on one side and managed to swallow that tiny piece. 

Can Eating Ribbon Cause Cat Death? 

Cats can indeed perish from ingesting ribbon. 

Ribbons are foreign items, and your cat’s digestive tract might suffer damage from any foreign object.

There are some issues that can cause the local blood flow to be diminished or interrupted. 

Your cat could experience shock in a matter of several minutes if that occurs. If that occurs, your cat may experience shock within a few hours to a day. 

Even if this does happen, the majority of cats are able to live for two to three days, but their general health will be seriously compromised. 

You might observe signs like vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, or substantial adjustments to your pet’s habit. 

Cat Took A Ribbon But Is Behaving Normally 

Since every cat is different in a variety of ways, it is hard to predict how your own will respond to having consumed a ribbon. 

You could believe there is no reason to be worried if they are acting and feeling normally. 

cat kissing its lips on the bed 

The ribbon may not have yet produced a problem because a regular digestive process takes some time. 

As a result, even though your cat is acting the same way it always does right now, that does not guarantee that they will act the same in a few hours.

Regardless of whether they are right now or not, taking your cat to the vet would be the wisest course of action. 

How to Handle a Cat That Ate a Curling Ribbon 

A curling ribbon’s length and thickness can lead to serious clinical problems in cats. 

You should see the animal hospital as soon as possible if your cat consumed a lengthy curling ribbon. 

The least you could do is phone your veterinarian, even if she isn’t exhibiting any symptoms, so they can provide you advice. 

cat playing with a red-ribbon-wrapped gift 

Cats may be more at risk from the thicker and broader curling ribbon variants now utilized for gift-wrapping. 

They might lead to choking. 

Additionally, they raise the risk of intestinal obstruction or occlusion in your pet. 

How to Handle a Cat That Ate a 6 Inch Ribbon 

Any ribbon length should make you a little concerned about whether your cat will be okay or not, but a 6-inch ribbon should persuade you to see your doctor as soon as possible. 

You can’t foresee how that ribbon fragment would go within your cat’s gastrointestinal track.

It might mash up with the feces. 

Blue ribbon being pawed by a cat 

Additionally, it might wrap around it, causing your cat to strain the next time she goes “to the bathroom.” 

However, it could also adhere to the mucous membrane of your cat’s gut and result in a number of problems.