One doesn’t have to look far on social media to find something that makes them smile because of the increase in adorable dogs. You’re guaranteed to find something that enhances your day, especially for kids, whether it’s actual animals or cartoon characters. Cartoon characters may be a great method to teach young children morals and values, and Pete the Cat is one such cat that does just that.

Although his breed is unknown, Pete the Cat is a fictitious blue anthropomorphic cat. He is thought to be a domestic shorthair. But that’s only an educated assumption based on the actual cat Pete was modeled after. Learn more about Pete the Cat’s “groovy” attitude by reading on.

What Is the Story of Pete the Cat?

James Dean, a former electrical engineer, is the creator of Pete the Cat. James focussed on his art after leaving his job as an electrical engineer. He even started selling his pieces at art shows. James made the decision to draw Pete, the black cat he had recently adopted, at this time. In 1999, his cat started appearing as a character in many artworks. Pete has no lips, a triangular-shaped snout, yellow eyes, and blue fur. Because the real cat’s mouth was never apparent due to his dark coat, James argued that Pete doesn’t have a mouth. In truth, Pete the Cat’s mouth is only visible while he is speaking, eating, or smiling.

In 2004, Kim Dean (no relation), a best-selling author and illustrator of children’s books in her own right, joined forces with James. In 2006, the two worked together and published The Misadventures of Pete the Cat, with James doing the drawings and Kim handling the text. Today, Pete the Cat may be found in more than 60 children’s books, a TV show, a few musicals, and even on the Happy Meal box from McDonald’s.

The Character of Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat is a cheerful, laid-back, sensible, and intellectual cat who is between the ages of 6 and 10 years old. Only speaking at the conclusion of each lecture, he is quiet.

The first Pete the Cat book, titled Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes, was not self-published until 2008 and was penned by musician Eric Litwin. Pete has white shoes that he adores in the novel. He sings, “I love my white shoes,” right up until he steps in a strawberry mound, causing his white shoes to turn crimson. Instead of crying, he continues to sing, changing the lyrics to “I love my red shoes.” Before Pete steps in a puddle, which removes all the colors and turns the shoes back to white but still wet, this occurs a few times with additional colors. The story’s lesson is to never give up and to keep singing your own tune because “it’s all good.”

The renowned publishing house HarperCollins decided to publish the book in 2010. After numerous additional publications, Pete the Cat rose to become the most well-known children’s book character ever created, and the rest is history.

What Lessons Can We Learn from Pete the Cat?

Teachers adore the book because it teaches kids that you can overcome any obstacle in life, which is a lesson that adults can learn from as well. The stories demonstrate how to maintain a happy viewpoint no matter the situation and how to control emotions by altering how one views unpleasant events.

Every lesson is constructive and imparts life’s virtues and values. As various characters join Pete on his adventures, he also has a lot of buddies to help him learn.


Worldwide, Pete the Cat serves as an example for both kids and adults. His advice is priceless and teaches how to approach any issue in life with positivity. Although we are unsure of his cat’s breed, we do know that James Dean’s actual black cat of the same name served as inspiration, and he continues to spread positivity all around the world.