Our cats communicate with us in a variety of ways that seem strange to us but are fairly common to them. Even if we humans find the scent of our breath repulsive, our cats can learn a lot about us from it that they might not have learned otherwise.

Cats use scent as a means of communication, and occasionally they do so in an effort to learn more about you. In order to help you better understand your cat’s behavior, we will look at a few reasons why a cat might smell your breath in this post.

The Five Most Likely Causes of Cats Smelling Our Breath

1. They’re examining a fresh odor

Cats’ sense of smell is around 14 times more acute than humans’. Your breath can convey a lot of information! Cats are naturally drawn to odors, so if you have something strong lingering on your breath, they are simply following the scent. They might merely lean in for a better smell out of curiosity.

2. Your cat could be sensing a disease or illness.

Dogs can sometimes take all the glory in this regard. But our cats can also detect minute residues of some medical disorders in our bodies. Certain internal substances are released when our bodies are afflicted with disease.  Cats, unlike dogs, may not have specialized training to alert owners to problems, but they can still detect changes and may smell your breath more frequently as a result.

Of course, don’t let this frighten you! That does not necessarily indicate that you have a serious illness. However, it can also be a sign of a larger issue, so if you’re experiencing symptoms or have missed your annual exam, it may be time to schedule a visit with your general practitioner.

3. Your cat smells food on your breath.

Everyone is aware of how voraciously our cats eat, constantly begging for more even after finishing a meal. Did you just finish a mouthwatering, fatty cheeseburger? Or perhaps you’ve enjoyed some delicious fried chicken that appeals to their senses.

According to scientists, cats can smell food from 150 feet away! Your cats may simply want to inhale the various fragrances since they can perceive the taste of food in your mouth. Although people might ask why you didn’t share, this is entirely normal.

4. It’s Warm in There

Warm environments are inherently attractive to cats. So it’s possible that you’ll spot one on your laptop or next to a heater vent. They can detect the temperature inside your mouth is very different if it is open.

They could become curious about this and question if they can gain something positive from this warmth. They will quickly discover that you are not a heater and that they cannot enter it, therefore they will naturally move on to something else.

5. It’s a Way to Bond

Smelling your breath could be another way for your cat to connect with you if they are getting near. Consider this. They can be cuddling up to your warm body and touching your chest, and as they get close to your face, they will inevitably move closer to your mouth. It might truly be that easy.

Since you are their human, they adore all of your odors, including those that you are unaware of. It’s just another method for them to get closer to you when they kiss you and smell your mouth. Additionally, the sensation of your breathing can simulate how they felt as kittens next to their mother.


There are several ways for cats to learn about us. We may not be aware of the story our breath is telling. The basic conclusion is that your cat is learning more about you, whether it’s through what you ate, the warmth you give off, or anything else.

It’s possible that there is no obvious reason why your cat is smelling your breath. It can be a mix of factors. The remaining factors are left up to your interpretation; nonetheless, these are the most frequent ones mentioned in this article.