Dogs have a good sense of smell, as all pet owners are aware. In fact, you might find yourself shoving your dog away from your butt and crotch every time they try to smell you there. Dogs have incredible noses and are capable of detecting everything, including bombs and cancer.

But have you ever questioned why you enjoy the fragrance of your dog so much? After a long, stressful day, many pet owners say that smelling their canine companions makes them feel calmer. So what do you smell from your dog? More than you could anticipate, you get. Below, we’ll go through just why you enjoy the fragrance of your dog so much.

Is It Normal to Love the Smell of Your Dog?

It is acceptable to adore your dog’s scent. Of course, not everyone enjoys the smell of a dirty dog, but a fresh, clean dog has a pleasant aroma. It’s said that the scent of your dog makes you feel at ease. Numerous experts have compared the scent of a dog to that of a newborn infant, which likewise makes you feel better.

There is evidence that fragrances cause memories to be brought back, and they are also thought to be the sense most strongly linked to memory. It could be that the scent of your current dog brings back fond memories of having a dog as a child.

The 3 Main Reasons Your Dog Smells Are Your Favorite

There are a few reasons you could enjoy your dog’s scent.

1. It’s Calming

Although there isn’t much scientific proof to back this claim, it is believed that inhaling the scent of your dog might help you relax. We receive a lot of critical information through our senses, including smell, much like dogs do. So, the next time you’re under stress, give your dog a good sniff and check if this hypothesis holds true.

2. It Aids in Monitoring Your Dog’s Health

You can keep a careful check on your dog’s health by sniffing him. You can figure out whether your dog needs a bath, is ill, or requires a food change. If you notice a noticeable change in your dog’s fragrance, they may have an ear infection or skin allergies. Bacterial and yeast infections can also generate strong odors. For suggestions if you observe a change in your dog’s odor, speak with your veterinarian. But only if the aroma is connected to anything they rolled about in while playing outside do you need to give your dog a bath.

3. It fosters a closer relationship between you and your dog.

Pheromones are released by dogs from at least six different body parts. Of course, you won’t be sniffing the majority of those locations, such as your dog’s genitalia or buttocks. However, the part of your dog’s face that you sniff is where pheromones are secreted. They also secrete them from their ears, which is what gives puppies a sense of community.  Although it hasn’t been proven, it’s likely that smelling your dog’s face, scalp, and ears is an unintentional way for you to connect with the animal you adore.


It’s absolutely acceptable to enjoy your dog’s scent, and many pet owners openly admit to frequently giving their dogs a whiff. The smell of your dog is said to help you relax in stressful times as well as to strengthen the link between pet parents and their canines.

It’s also a fantastic method to monitor your dog’s health, especially as they become older. So, keep in mind that other pet owners are doing the same thing the next time you find yourself sniffing your furry buddy.