Discover the behavior of your cat is eating tape

Cats occasionally eat items that aren’t even food, like tape, despite the fact that we know they prefer eating a few foods like fish, poultry, and even rice. Why do some felines consume tape? Many cat parents find this behaviour to be strange and perhaps unsettling. It turns out that a cat might chose to eat tape for a number of different reasons.

Cat Eating Tape
Photo by Alexander London on Unsplash

The Seven Most Likely Causes of Your Cat Eating Tape

  1. Boredom

Your cat may attempt to eat tape for a variety of reasons, including boredom. Perhaps kids haven’t received any new toys in a while, so the same old thing is boring. Perhaps the toys kids are used to playing with no longer provide them with the mental stimulation they require. With a toy to pursue, a game of “keep away,” or something scented with catnip, try to divert your cat’s attention from the tape.

  1. Lack of Nutrients

Because their diet lacks certain nutrients, cats will occasionally consume items that are not typically edible. This could occur if you switch your cat’s food to something new that is deficient in a vitamin or mineral that was present in the prior food.

Their food no longer meets their needs because they may have grown older or experienced a health problem that has modified their nutritional requirements. If there are any nutritional inadequacies, your veterinarian should be able to point out what has to be done to address them so your cat stops eating tape.

  1. Underlying Health Issue

Sadly, underlying medical issues might cause a cat to engage in undesirable behavior, such as eating tape. For instance, cats with diabetes may chew tape because they are desperately attempting to correct their bodies, which they are aware are out of balance. It’s important to arrange an appointment with your veterinarian if your cat is consuming tape while simultaneously exhibiting symptoms of disease or pain.

  1. Ear-Weaning

Cats that are prematurely weaned from their mother’s milk are frequently underweight and end up seeking to eat things like wool and blankets. Even when they are teenagers, they might attempt to chew tape. Ask your veterinarian about supplements if you buy a kitten that is showing indications of early weaning so you can make sure they get the nutrition they need as they grow and mature.

  1. Anxiety

Cats, like people, can experience anxiety for a variety of reasons. Perhaps a new child or pet has joined the family, everyone has moved, or another aspect of the household’s lifestyle has altered. Some cats will act strangely to try to alleviate their nervousness, such as eating tape. The greatest method to reduce the likelihood that your cat will do things like eat tape is to deal with the underlying problem.

  1. Curiosity

A cat will occasionally eat tape just out of curiosity. The crinkly sounds and sticky nature of tape can be fascinating to cats. Even the taste of the adhesive is enjoyed by some cats. If you let your cat keep playing with and eating tape, curiosity can easily develop into an obsession. As a result, if your curious cat gets their paws on a piece of tape, you might need to take it away from them.

  1. Pica

When someone has pica, they consume foods that are neither edible nor nourishing in any way, such as tape. Any domestic cat breed can develop pica, however it is most frequently observed in Oriental cat breeds like Siamese and Burmese. Wool is frequently consumed by cats with pica, but some of these cats also enjoy chewing on and occasionally ingesting rubber, wood, plastic, leather, cardboard, and tape.

Providing your cat with a lot of indoor stimulation can prevent them from consuming inedible objects. Additionally, it’s crucial to take all reasonable precautions to keep such items out of sight and access. Veterinarian intervention and behavioral modification are sometimes required.


Your cat may be chewing on or consuming tape for a number of reasons. The aim is to identify the behavior’s root cause so that it may be dealt with. When your feline family member can’t get their paws on any tape, focusing solely on it can lead to other undesirable habits.